Saturday, January 8, 2011

Twitter Photo Challenge..."Air"

At times last year I found myself lacking in creativity.  I wanted to go shoot but I didn't know what.  Everything I thought about shooting was boring to me.  I was shooting baseball all summer I had gotten it down to a repetitive science.

I thought about doing a photo of the day project, but still didn't solve the question of "what should I shoot"?

On a whim...I went to Twitter.  I post a tweet for someone to send me a photo topic, anything.  I really didn't think anyone would respond.  I had posted tweets looking for people to reply and no one did.  But you never know until you try.  So I put out this tweet at 2 in the morning earlier this week, "need a . You tweet me a topic, I go shoot it and post it on my @ account. let's see what happens "

I get up in the morning and I got one reply..."Okay, how about "air"?"

the wheels immediately start turning, I'm also thinking if I'm going to keep this person's attention, I better post something quick, like in 24 hours.  My mind is naturally tuned to sports, and this topic fits right in.  I need to find a sporting event.  I go to my University's website to see if the basketball or lacrosse team is playing.  I look up our local rivals and smaller colleges, nada.  I look up the local high schools, again nothing.  it was like the local sporting world had taken the day off.

I thought this project was going to go nowhere quick, then I got an email.  I had put out a casting call on Model Mayhem, looking for models for another project I have in the works.  I got replies from 2 models in the area who are interested.  I'm thinking I could have them jumping up and down, or blowing soap bubbles..I already had the images in my head.  I email asking if they are available today...still have not heard from them.  Strike 2

Finally it's late in the day, I thinking it's late in the day and ready to go to sleep in failure.  As I get up I stare at the fridge in my kitchen, it's pushed out a few feet from the wall because the internal fan in the cooling system failed.  To keep the fridge working I bought a small electric fan and have it blowing...air...on the coils...THAT'S IT!

An image pops in my head, it's so simple it works.  A fan with streamers blowing out of it.  I pull a plastic colored grocery bag out of the drawer and cut it up into ribbons.  I think fish the ribbons into the fan to they will shoot out then the fan is turned on.  I go grab my trusty "studio in a box" kit which I use for small photo shoots and a piece of white seamless paper I cut to fit into it.  I set everything up, turn the fan on and start firing away with my camera. 

As I'm taking pictures i notice the streamers are showing into the sidewall of the studio box where a seam is.   I figure I'm going to have a nightmare of a time cloning the seam out if I keep going.  I decide to turn the fan vertical, so the streamers are shooting in the air, much better.  I finish and now all I have to do is go into GIMP(my version of photoshop died when I upgraded my mac to snow leopard) and burn out most of the shadows.

Done and in 24 hour like I hoped too.  This Project may have legs after all.

As always critics and comments welcome.  More posts coming soon.


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