Tuesday, May 11, 2010

White Clay Creek; First test of 5D mark 2

Last week I finally got a chance to go out and do a test run with my new camera, a Canon 5D mark2.  I have been longing to get full frame camera for a while now, and now that I have one I wanted to see what kind of images I could get.  I decided to so something I hadn't done in a while, nature and landscape photography.  I think that last time I did it was about two years ago for a school project.  I decided I go to White Clay Creek on the north side of Newark, DE.  I only spent about an hour there, but here's a few from my time there.  As always critics and comment welcome.

White Clay Creek - Images by Dominic Hanna

One thing I was really impressed with on the 5D, was low light shooting.  On my 30D, I would cringe every time I had to shoot at 1600 ISO.  The images would have an insane amount of noise, and editing it out in post production was a pain.  There were a few times I pushed the ISO up to 6400 to see how much noise I would get.  There was some noise at 6400 but not as much as I had expected.  I haven't really tried the video mode on it yet. I don't have big enough cards to handle the files.  I'll probably end up doing something hokey on my facebook account.

You'll also notice I put these in Black and White.  I try not to do a lot of post production on images I shoot, if any.  But after looking at the original files, it was was just constant green and looked flat, so I decided to put them in Black and white.  Mainly all I did was run them into Adobe lightroom and played with them a bit.

I'm not a fan of using the presets in lightroom, but I'll use them as a base.  The high contrast preset tends to blow out highlights, and low contrast just leaves images flat.  Given the choice, I usually use low contrast as a starting point.  After the preset gets applied, I'll move the blacks and the fill light sliders around until I find something I like.  That's it, not much to it.


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