Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hottest Girls of Delaware at Kooma, round 2

Well not exactly round 2, but the last one went well and Paul Pruitt decided to have the last public show there again.  Had a great time, plus I get to had some salmon rolls and miso soup again.

Was pretty much a repeat of last time, so on to the photos!

Hottest Girls of Delaware, Kooma2 - Images by Dominic Hanna

Trying to keep busy.  Last week at had a meeting with the WilmU photo club.  Apparently they are now responsible for most of the photography now.  So I decided to lend them a hand.  I'm on my way to Goldey-Beacom College tonight to shoot the volleyball teams' away game.

My sister also called me yesterday, apparently my nieces are going to give modeling a try, this should be fun.



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