Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Instagram; DIY edition...

Continuing on the Instagram subject from yesterday. One thing I was thinking about all last night was how I wished I could take instagram like photos and have them reside on my website, where I would have complete control over their use. It brought me back to my android app wish list, one of which being a photo upload app to my Photoshelter account. But I know Andrew and the guys have bigger things to work on right now (you guys still rock btw!).

Then late last night, it hit me....wait a sec...I can already do this! All I need are a few free apps and a work flow. So, here it is! all you really need to have yourself a do-it-yourself instagram.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Saying goodbye to Instagram...

Today Instagram changed their terms of service. Starting January16th of next year, they will grab the rights of every photo you take through the service and use it to sell it to advertisers. Oh and they don't have to give you a dime.

UPDATE: Apparently they came to their senses and said they would correct the new terms

Personally in light of all's too little to late. You tipped your hand and showed your cards, I'm out.