Saturday, January 8, 2011

Twitter Photo Challenge..."Air"

At times last year I found myself lacking in creativity.  I wanted to go shoot but I didn't know what.  Everything I thought about shooting was boring to me.  I was shooting baseball all summer I had gotten it down to a repetitive science.

I thought about doing a photo of the day project, but still didn't solve the question of "what should I shoot"?

On a whim...I went to Twitter.  I post a tweet for someone to send me a photo topic, anything.  I really didn't think anyone would respond.  I had posted tweets looking for people to reply and no one did.  But you never know until you try.  So I put out this tweet at 2 in the morning earlier this week, "need a . You tweet me a topic, I go shoot it and post it on my @ account. let's see what happens "

I get up in the morning and I got one reply..."Okay, how about "air"?"

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

playing catch up...

With a new year, comes new inspirations and new ideas.

Last year I found myself lacking inspiration and drive.  As you can see from my blog, I haven't done much posting.  It's not that I wasn't doing anything I was too busy to sit down and write.

All summer I spent shooting youth baseball at Cal Ripkin's baseball camp in Aberdeen, MD for a company called Major League Photos.  Had a lot of fun, met a lot of people, got to go place I wouldn't normally get to go. Like being on the field at Camden Yards.

In the fall I was interning at company called GreekYearBook.  They shoot portraits for fraternities and sororities.  I pretty much got to look at photos all day sent in from photographers all around the country.  After my internship was done I has hired as a contract photographer.  I still get shoots from them, I have one in 2 weeks in Philadelphia.

So that was 2010..on to 2011!