Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Saying goodbye to Instagram...

Today Instagram changed their terms of service. Starting January16th of next year, they will grab the rights of every photo you take through the service and use it to sell it to advertisers. Oh and they don't have to give you a dime.

UPDATE: Apparently they came to their senses and said they would correct the new terms

Personally in light of all this....it's too little to late. You tipped your hand and showed your cards, I'm out.

I wasn't a fan of Instgram at first, I did grow to like the cheeky filters. I was always apprehensive of their Facebook overloads. Their last update made the app buggy as hell. Every time I tired to use the blur filter the screen corrupted.

Apparently the only way to opt-out of the new terms is to delete your account. You might think you are going to have to kiss all your photos goodbye. Not so! When I first got my android smart phone I did some digging and found the photos were stored natively. This is where the files were on the Samsung Galaxy S blaze 4G, it may be different for other android phones or the iPhone


The pictures now safe on my photoshelter account, where I think I'll keep any and all photos I take from now on.

I just need a way to figure out show to do it all from my cell phone....


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