Friday, June 4, 2010

Greek Orthodox Church

As many people in Delaware know this is the festival season in Wilmington, and it starts off with the Greek Festival. Now I've heard about the Greek festival for a few years now. A few of my friends still were amazed I never went to it. So I had some spare time the other day, and it runs from 11am to 11pm. So i decided to drive up and check it out.

Apparently when I went, it was during one of the downtimes. Pretty much all the good food was still being cooked, and not many people were around. I was really looking forward to getting some Souvlaki(Greek kebabs) and had to settle for some Lamb and orzo. It was still good though.

The Greek festival is held of on the grounds of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. Which at the time was holding an open house. So I decided to grab my camera, put on my 50mm lens, because I hadn't used it in a while, and took a look inside.

Greek Church - Images by Dominic Hanna

Although I liked the photos I was getting, and was shooting with the 5dmk2. I wished I could of shot with a wider lens. I could of gone back to my car and got my 28-70, but that would of been too much. I have a feeling though my next lens purchase will be a wide angle lens. I've been looking at a 14mm recently, and would of come in handy.

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